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Miami Dentist On Holiday Hacks to Keep Your Teeth Bright During The Holidays

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Great dental tips from Miami Dentist , Dr. Carroll.
It’s your favorite time of year and you have invested your hard earned money on teeth whitening services, and now you want to keep it—especially through the holiday season. Unfortunately, just because your teeth are whiter this does not mean it will last forever.
You’ll need to stay away from stained foods and drinks to avoid the spotting in your smile.

Some of those staining foods and drinks include:
sports drinks

While some of y our favorite treats can stain the teeth, this does not mean you have to stop consuming them completely. There are ways to still eat your favorite foods and drinks and still keep your teeth sparkling. Try these dental holiday hacks.
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Cut back:
Some of these foods are extremely healthy for your overall health especially blackberries and blueberries because of its antioxidants. You can still eat these treats, but eat them moderately.

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If you’re too nervous to consume staining fruits, replace them with other antioxidant sources. Apples, pears, cauliflower, grapefruit, and melons are great replacements to keep up with your antioxidant intake.
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Use a straw:
Whether you’re drinking your favorite soda or tea, sip through a straw to avoid staining. It’ll keep the staining away from your front teeth.
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Swallow swiftly:
When you drink your favorite beverages, do so quickly and not let the liquid linger in your mouth.

Rinse and brush:
After your meal, rinse your mouth with water right away followed by a thorough brush to clean your teeth from the staining foods.

You want to keep the glamour in your smile, and it can be achieved while moderately consuming your favorite treats! Smile brightly for the holidays with these informative tips and call our office to schedule a teeth whitening for the New Year!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Miami Prosthodontist Dr. David Carroll- Why his patients love his office

Miami Prosthodontist Dr. David Carroll- Why his patients
love him. (305) 948-9102 Dentist in
Miami, North Miami, and Aventura

C A R R O L L   D E N
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If you're looking for Local Prosthodontist in miami that
isdedicated to high quality care, then you've come to the right place. At
Carroll Dentistry, we understand that the foundation for a beautiful smile is a
healthy mouth. We encourage all of our patients to develop diligent oral
hygiene habits to prevent infection and other oral health problems. In some
instances, however, further care is needed to preserve a patient's oral health.
Whether you require a small filling or more involved treatment such as
periodontal care, we can provide you with the treatment you need for sustained
oral health. We have many years of experience and expertise in helping our
patients get the smile they've always wanted. We are a top rated dental center
and offer the latest in dental technology to give you the highest quality of
care and service at an affordable price.

We want to help you prevent dental problems. A preventive
program is a cooperative effort by the patient, dentist, and dental staff to
preserve the natural dentition and supporting structures by preventing the
onset, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions. Prevention
helps avoid serious and costly dental problems and is the key to having a
healthy, confident, beautiful smile. We offer a wide variety of dental services
including: Dental implants, Lumineers, porcelain crowns, Invisalign, and teeth
whitening to help you achieve a healthy smile.

If you're unhappy with your smile, then give us a call. We
would love to work with you and make the smile you've always wanted become a
reality. Give us a call at (305) 948-9102 and let us help you look and feel
your best with a beautiful smile. Having a healthy, bright, beautiful smile
enhances your appearance and allows you to smile with confidence. Thanks to the
advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, we are able to improve your teeth and
smile with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable treatments.
Don't wait! Call us today at (305) 948-9102 & visit our

Best dentists in North Miami.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Miami Dentist - Dr. Carroll - On New Types Of Dental Technology

aventura dentistGreat dental tips from Miami Dentist , Dr. Carroll.

Advancements in dental technology has allowed dentist the ability to provide more efficient and productive dental treatments to patients. The technology helps to make the treatments go by easily for both patients and dentists. Fortunately for patients, the industry continues to grow and change at a constant rate. So, if you need to visit the dentist for an issue that you believe is complicated, schedule a consultation with a dentist, so you will be updated on the latest techniques and technology that is used in dentistry. There are several different procedures that are new to dentistry, and once you learn more about these procedures, you will know which treatment and procedures are best for your needs.
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Digital X-rays

What Are Digital X-Rays? Although you may be familiar with regular x-rays, you may not know what digital x-rays are. These x-rays produce results more quickly than traditional x-rays. The x-rays image appears within seconds after the x-ray has been given. Dentists also have the ability to adjust the image so that they are able to exam your teeth better. This means that dentists now have the ability to detect an issue or a potential issue much faster. This type of technology is also safer for patients because it releases less radiation than traditional x-rays.
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Laser Dentistry

Both patients and dentists enjoy laser technology because it is more efficient and less painful than other methods of treatment. This technology can be used to fill cavities, whitening teeth, removing oral tumors and reducing teeth sensitivity. This type of dentistry is not only painless; it is also effective at preventing and removing bacteria growth.

Invisalign- Invisible Braces

Invisalign is a technology that replaces metal and clear braces. This technology helps to make teeth straighter, and eliminates the need for patients to wear unsightly metal braces. This braces alternative can be worn on the teeth and taken off of the teeth as need. The patient does not have to restrict the food that they eat. Invisalign has become one of the most popular types of corrective oral wear because the technology is not obtrusive.
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Dental Implants

These implants consist of metal screws that are placed in the gum where teeth are missing. The implants are a wonderful option for patients who want to have a brand new healthy smile. Patients enjoy the natural smile that dental implants provide.


VELscope is a light technology where a special light is reflected on a person's teeth and surrounding tissues. This light helps to detect anything that is abnormal within the teeth and surrounding tissues. The light can be used to detect certain health conditions such as oral cancer. Many patients have been treated for oral cancer in the beginning stages because of this technology.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

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Zoom is a technique that is used to whiten the teeth. The technique is faster, and produces longer results. A single Zoom treatment can make your teeth many shades whiter in one single visit.
New dental technology is being continuously developed and release all the time. Use these dental technologies to improve your dental health and get more out of dentistry. Make sure you find a dentist that embraces dental technology and is someone with whom you are comfortable with and can develop an ongoing relationship with. Make sure your dentist is aware of your individual needs. So, don't hold back. The more your dentist knows about you, the better equipped they will be to give you the proper treatment.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Have Bad Breath, It may be a Sign of Deeper Dental Issues

Miami ProsthodontistWhile bad breath might be a symptom of some other disorder, it most likely stems from dental decay and periodontitis. It's more than just socially awkward - it's a serious threat
to your oral health.

Periodontitis is a disease affecting gums and bone that support the teeth, and it is
caused by inadequate brushing and flossing. In this disease, the irritated gums pull
away from the teeth and form pockets between the teeth and the gums. These pockets
fill with bacteria and pus which give off a foul odor.

Patients with bad breath should be referred for a complete dental evaluation. If gum
disease and/or dental decay is diagnosed, it can be treated readily. The patient will no
longer have an infection in his or her mouth, and will no longer have the embarrassment
of bad breath.

There's no need to live with bad breath, and no reason to neglect your dental health. If

you have questions regarding halitosis, please call our office.

Call our office today to make an appointment so you can find out what the best options are for your specific case.
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Are Adult Braces Right for Me? The Ins and Outs of Adult Braces by Aventura Dentist Dr. David Carroll

Great dental tips from Miami Dentist , Dr. Carroll.
Miami prosthodontist and adult braces
Did you know you can get fast results like these with adult braces?

Did you know that there are special braces for adults that can achieve fast results in weeks instead of months? With developments in orthodontics in recent years, more and more adults are seeking treatment for oral difficulties they've been experiencing since childhood. There are significant differences between adult orthodontics and that of children and teens, however, it's worth knowing what they are before making a decision to pursue treatment. Here are the main differences between braces for adults and kids:
Age-Related Concerns
When you are young your teeth are usually healthier. Adults often have conditions that younger patients don't, like bone loss between the roots for adequate blood supply, gingivitis, infections and general bone loss. Adult bones are also harder and bone metabolism is reduced. For adults it generally takes longer for bone to adjust to your teeth's new positions. These are known as biomechanical limitations, which can make tooth realignment a more involved process in adults than in younger patients.
Bite Correction Problems
One of the main reasons patients require braces is to correct a malocclusion, or improper bite. In adult patients sometimes there is just not enough room in the mouth to create space for the teeth to move back without extracting one or more teeth. By adulthood, a patient might also have worn some of his teeth down, which can make things worse. Typically orthodontists refer to these problems as perio-restorative issues, and often opt to focus on making the adult patient's bite functional rather than perfect.

Tooth Extraction Problems
Many adults have had one or more teeth extracted in the past, and this can present a problem for the orthodontist. Old extraction sites may not be suitable locations for teeth to move into, unless these are restored by adding sections of prosthetic bone to the area. Closing gaps between the teeth caused by extractions – and keeping them closed – is also difficult, because adult bone doesn't respond to pressure in the same way as growing bone.

Possible Root Problems
Adults have a higher risk for root resorption than children. This occurs when your body reabsorbs the root of a tooth, leaving the tooth without anchorage. Factors that play a role in this include family history, oral habits and the type of roots you have. This is a strong consideration when considering adult braces.

Social Factors
There are a number of psychological and social factors that affect adults interested in treatment. These include higher levels of:
·        Self-image issues
·        Treatment expectations
·        Concern with appearance
·        Discomfort from wearing appliances
·        Willingness to cooperate with orthodontic instructions

Adult patients obviously want the best results, in the shortest amount of time and with the lowest level of discomfort or inconvenience. Adults now make up to 50 percent of orthodontic patients, some practices, like ours, are focusing on the specifics of adult orthodontics. If you're considering adult braces call our office to find our if you are a candidate.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Great Dental Bonding Results for Miami Dentist

Dental Bonding Results for Miami Dentist

Check out these great dental bonding results. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that can help restore your chipped, cracked teeth, and even discolored teeth. Dental bonding can also be used to change the shape of teeth, close spaces of teeth and even repair decayed teeth.

miami dental bonding

Call our office for more information (305) 948-9102

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Get That Bright Summer Smile, But Be Careful How You Do it!

Miami teeth whiteningGreat dental tips from Miami Dentist , Dr. Carroll.

South Florida is the bright smile capital of the south, and we see our share of patients that want to go at it alone by whitening their teeth at home. Patients often ask our opinion about the best whitening toothpaste or whitening strips at the drugstore, so they can perform the whitening treatment on their own. However, there is no substitute for a professional fast in-office whitening treatment. You may find plenty of products available at the store or on-line. Some of them may actually work, but they will not achieve the amazing results that you can get with a professional in-office whitening treatment.

The problem with these over-the-counter treatments is that they typically come in one size and strength to fit all types of teeth. However, when it comes to dental work, every patient has different needs. The whitening trays and strips found at your local drugstore may provide good results on one patient’s teeth, while providing another with only a partial whitening. This may cause and uneven result. Some teeth appearing perfectly white, while others still showing stains. Sometimes the results are worse than before the treatment.

The whitening products sold in stores are not professional strength. They usually contain a small amount of whitening agent, usually around 3 percent peroxide, which may provide results for patients who have light stains on their teeth, but may not do much for tough teeth stains and discolorations. Most over-the-counter products will provide results one to two shades brighter. The whitening gel our office uses comes in a professional strength only available to dentists, with up to 35 percent peroxide strength. The gel can penetrate the enamel of your teeth, removing stubborn stains that the store-bought kits cannot touch. Our professional treatment can whiten your teeth by up to ten shades in just one visit. It is important to know that results will vary by patient.

Regular teeth whitening products you buy at your local store may help you attain a brighter smile, but you may need to use them for weeks, or even months before you see evident results.  The whitening system we use in our office usually lasts about an hour, and can produce results up to ten shades brighter in that short time.

Call our office today to make an appointment so you can find out what the best options are for your specific case.  

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