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Aventura Dentist DIscusses Materials Used for Dental Crowns and Their Advantages

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of? 
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Crowns are needed when decay and dental work have eroded too much of the tooth's structure to allow for a simple filling. In these cases, restoration requires a technique like crowns, which attach to the remaining tooth, stand up under heavier use and meet cosmetic requirements. 

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Crowns strengthen and restore the entire top of a tooth. The crown can also be part of the attachment of a fixed bridge for the replacement of teeth. The tooth is strengthened because it is covered from the outside with a casting of metal or ceramic that wraps and splints the tooth. 

Crowns are most often made of gold or porcelain. Crowns also can be made of stainless steel, but those crowns are often temporary and not designed for long-term wear.

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Porcelain crowns usually are built on a metal base that fits snugly over the natural tooth. Your dentist will choose a porcelain that matches the color of your natural teeth. 

Porcelain crowns are generally so carefully matched in color that they cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth. Many people choose porcelain crowns for the cosmetic appearance and the confidence it gives them. 

New materials are now available that, in some cases, allow the use of all-ceramic crowns. These have a beautiful lifelike appearance. Short-term studies support their success, and long-term trials are ongoing.
Crowns also can be made of gold. Though a few people prefer gold crowns, some people prefer not to use gold because it stands out from the other teeth in appearance. At the same time, if the crown is on a back molar, some people feel the cosmetic issue is not a big one. Your dentist will discuss the types of materials available if a crown is recommended. 

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