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Miami Dentist - Dr. Carroll - On New Types Of Dental Technology

aventura dentistGreat dental tips from Miami Dentist , Dr. Carroll.

Advancements in dental technology has allowed dentist the ability to provide more efficient and productive dental treatments to patients. The technology helps to make the treatments go by easily for both patients and dentists. Fortunately for patients, the industry continues to grow and change at a constant rate. So, if you need to visit the dentist for an issue that you believe is complicated, schedule a consultation with a dentist, so you will be updated on the latest techniques and technology that is used in dentistry. There are several different procedures that are new to dentistry, and once you learn more about these procedures, you will know which treatment and procedures are best for your needs.
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Digital X-rays

What Are Digital X-Rays? Although you may be familiar with regular x-rays, you may not know what digital x-rays are. These x-rays produce results more quickly than traditional x-rays. The x-rays image appears within seconds after the x-ray has been given. Dentists also have the ability to adjust the image so that they are able to exam your teeth better. This means that dentists now have the ability to detect an issue or a potential issue much faster. This type of technology is also safer for patients because it releases less radiation than traditional x-rays.
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Laser Dentistry

Both patients and dentists enjoy laser technology because it is more efficient and less painful than other methods of treatment. This technology can be used to fill cavities, whitening teeth, removing oral tumors and reducing teeth sensitivity. This type of dentistry is not only painless; it is also effective at preventing and removing bacteria growth.

Invisalign- Invisible Braces

Invisalign is a technology that replaces metal and clear braces. This technology helps to make teeth straighter, and eliminates the need for patients to wear unsightly metal braces. This braces alternative can be worn on the teeth and taken off of the teeth as need. The patient does not have to restrict the food that they eat. Invisalign has become one of the most popular types of corrective oral wear because the technology is not obtrusive.
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Dental Implants

These implants consist of metal screws that are placed in the gum where teeth are missing. The implants are a wonderful option for patients who want to have a brand new healthy smile. Patients enjoy the natural smile that dental implants provide.


VELscope is a light technology where a special light is reflected on a person's teeth and surrounding tissues. This light helps to detect anything that is abnormal within the teeth and surrounding tissues. The light can be used to detect certain health conditions such as oral cancer. Many patients have been treated for oral cancer in the beginning stages because of this technology.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

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Zoom is a technique that is used to whiten the teeth. The technique is faster, and produces longer results. A single Zoom treatment can make your teeth many shades whiter in one single visit.
New dental technology is being continuously developed and release all the time. Use these dental technologies to improve your dental health and get more out of dentistry. Make sure you find a dentist that embraces dental technology and is someone with whom you are comfortable with and can develop an ongoing relationship with. Make sure your dentist is aware of your individual needs. So, don't hold back. The more your dentist knows about you, the better equipped they will be to give you the proper treatment.

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