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North Miami Dentist on Dental Resolutions for This Year

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Try a dental resolution this year!

Did you know that most New Year’s resolutions never make it to the end of January? Why not try something a different type of resolution this year…a dental resolution! Make this New Year the best year for attaining the healthy smile you’ve always wanted. It is easier than you think. The first step is to stop the bad habits, then incorporate good dental habits. 

Some of the worst dental habits include: 

Nail Biting

  • The habit: This nervous habit can chip teeth and impact your jaw. 
  • The solution: Bitter-tasting nail polishes, stress reduction and setting small, realistic goals can help. If certain situations are triggers, hold something to keep your fingers busy.

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Brushing Too Hard

  • The habit: Brushing for two minutes twice a day is one of the best habits you can get into. Just make sure you’re not trying too hard. Brushing with a hard toothbrush, or brushing too hard, can damage teeth and irritate gums.
  • The solution: Use a soft toothbrush with the proper pressure. “Don’t think ‘scrub.’  Think ‘massage,’" he says. “Save the hard toothbrush for cleaning the grout in the bathroom tile.”

Grinding and Clenching

  • The habit: Teeth grinding can cause chipping or cracking of the teeth, as well as muscle tenderness or joint pain. You might also feel like you can’t open your mouth wide or chew with pain.
  • The solution: Do relaxation exercises and being aware makes a big difference. A nighttime mouthguard may also help. This way you’ll have less tooth damage, less pain and muscle soreness and actually better sleep.

Once you have done away with the bad habits, incorporate good habits like brushing twice per day for at least two minutes, flossing regularly, and regular dental cleanings three times per year. It’s not difficult, and the best part is that our team is here to help. Call our office to schedule your next dental cleaning and start on your dental resolutions now. 

Call our office today to make an appointment so you can find out what the best options are for your specific case.  

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